Is Living In Cheyenne, Wyoming Right For You?

Are you thinking about living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and want to know what it’s really like? In this episode of Wynot Cheyenne?, I'm going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of Cheyenne, Wyoming. We’ll look at everything from culture and coffee shops to winter winds so you know all the details of your new home.

Small-Town Vibes

The very first thing that people tell me about Cheyenne is that they love its hospitable, small-town feeling. When my wife and I first moved to Cheyenne, we noticed pretty quickly just how friendly everybody is. Whether you're working in your yard, or you're out for a stroll, people are going to wave, tip their hat, and say hi.

This friendly vibe is noticeable wherever you go all over town. Having this sense of community makes you feel more comfortable and safer than you might feel in some larger cities.

Cultural Scene

Many people don't realize that Cheyenne has a budding cultural scene—and it's really exciting. The historic downtown area has filled up with some amazing small businesses, breweries, eateries, coffee shops, office workspaces, and more. It's really become a vibrant section of the city.

It doesn't stop there: Cheyenne also features dance studios, art galleries, small shops, and knickknack-type places that you can check out. There are activities for people of all ages, including the grand centerpiece of Cheyenne, the Botanic Gardens and Grand Conservatory.

This has become a real hot spot for people year-round. You can go view all the flowers and other botanicals while you take advantage of the Grand Conservatory. It is a fantastic event center and a place where you can host any type of event, such as a beautiful wedding.

Outdoor Activities

Cheyenne has a diverse and large amount of outdoor activities, allowing you to choose any number of things in town or just outside of town. It's not just cowboys and ranchers up here in Cheyenne; there are a great many pathways and parks right here in town.

One example is Holliday Park, an urban green space that includes everything you would want in a park. It has a lake, tennis courts, beach, volleyball courts, basketball courts, plenty of parking, and a fantastic playground for the little kids. There's even a little bit of history there with the steam engine, where you’ll see number 4004 on display right there in the park. Fun fact: the 4000 series steam engines, known as the Big Boys, are the largest train engines ever built.

If mountain biking, hiking, and camping are more of your thing, don't worry: we have epic trails just 30 minutes west of town. The rock climbing and vista view will blow you away. And believe it or not, there's actually world-class skiing just a short drive from Cheyenne. If you want to up the ante and the challenge level, you can also take an eight-hour drive north to Jackson Hole, one of the best ski resorts in the entire world.

There’s truly something for everyone in every season of the year. With so many outdoor activities available, it’s not really a surprise that so many residents of Cheyenne are outdoor enthusiasts.

The Cons Of Living In Cheyenne

Now that you know a couple of the great reasons why you would want to live in Cheyenne, let me give you a few reasons you might not. The number one worst thing that people mention about Cheyenne is the wind, hands down. Especially in the wintertime, the wind can be fierce. It literally cuts right through and goes to your bone, making you so cold.

Other than that crazy wind, winter is pretty reasonable here in Cheyenne. Similar to my time in Denver, Cheyenne has a ton of sunshiny days, making those winter days feel even more temperate. While a lot of people think that Wyoming is considered a northern state—and parts of it are—Cheyenne is at the south end of the state. This makes the climate a little bit more agreeable.

 The other thing that you want to consider is the small-town atmosphere. While I think it’s a huge pro, it might be a con if you really like shopping. You might feel like Cheyenne is lacking some of your favorite amenities, as you're just not going to find those large big-name retailers or fancy stores here in Cheyenne. You're going to have to drive south, probably down to Fort Collins or all the way to the Denver Metro area to shop at Nordstroms or Saks Fifth Avenue. However, remember that it is 2021, and online shopping does exist. Is it really that big of a deal?

The other thing to think about is if you're going to be working down in the city’s metro area. The commute will be similar to your travel for shopping. The I-25 corridor is under construction (for, I don't know, forever) and can be pretty brutal.

Is Cheyenne Right For You?

I hope this has given you a few of the pros and a few of the cons of living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I can tell you that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Cheyenne is an inviting, friendly place with a great small-town vibe. People are choosing it for its wide-open spaces and low cost of living.

So if all of that sounds enticing to you, make sure to reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect with you. Don’t forget to also subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Wynot Cheyenne?, my show where we talk about all of the reasons to choose Cheyenne, Wyoming as your home. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!


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