What To Expect Moving To Cheyenne

What To Expect Moving To Cheyenne

Are you thinking about living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but aren’t sure what to expect? In this episode of Why Not?, I'm going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of living right here in Cheyenne. We’ll explore everything from the lifestyle to the weather so you can see if this city is right for you. 

A Small-Town Community

If you're considering moving to Cheyenne, you need to know about the great things—and not-so-great things—you’ll experience when living here. First, let’s look at the top few reasons why people love living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

The number one reason that people say they love living in Cheyenne is its hospitable, small-town feel and friendly environment. When my wife and I first moved to Cheyenne, one of the things we noticed as we were walking on the street or hanging out at the park was how friendly everyone was. They stop and say ‘hi,’ shake your hand, wave, or tip their hat. It’s the very opposite of what we experienced living in the bigger city of Denver. 

You'll see this on display wherever you go in town. Whether you're on one of the walking paths, in one of the parks, or strolling the downtown shopping district, you're going in to find that sense of community. For many people, you'll also find that this makes you feel safer and more comfortable than you might be in one of the larger metropolitan areas. We see that every day with people that are moving into Cheyenne. 

The Cultural Scene

The second reason people love living in Cheyenne is the budding cultural scene. If you're new to the area, one of the things you'll find pretty quickly is that the downtown area—which is full of historic buildings—has actually become a real cultural center. We love the downtown Cheyenne area. It's comprised of many small businesses, including dance studios, art galleries, breweries, and even a few distilleries. 

Cheyenne has activities for people of all ages. Additionally, not far from the downtown area is what we call the “grand centerpiece” of Cheyenne: the Botanic Gardens and Grand Conservatory. This has become a hotspot for folks to enjoy year-round, as it hosts many weddings and other special events. 

Outdoor Activities

In addition to its friendliness, vibrant culture, and activities, Cheyenne is also surrounded by places that have tons of outdoor activities you can take part in. Some of the things that people really enjoy are the many parks, walking paths, and places that you can take a stroll or a bicycle ride. This includes Holiday Park, which has just about everything you might want to enjoy.

Holiday Park offers a beautiful lake, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a little bit of history with the Big Boy Steam Engine on display. There’s also a space for little tykes to play, and you’ll find plenty of parking. 

Another area you might want to check out—especially if you're looking for something close to Cheyenne—is the Snowy Range Ski Resort about 30-45 minutes away. If you want to dive a little bit further, you can go to the Hogadon Basin Ski Resort. Additionally, a lot of people don't realize Shane is less than two hours away from Jackson Hole, where there's access to world-class skiing, snowboarding, and a lot of fun—like inner-tubing down the slopes. 

If you're into summertime sports like rock climbing, fishing, and mountain biking, all of those activities are also a very short drive just to the west of town. It's for all of those reasons that many of our residents are also outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Cons Of Living In Cheyenne

Now that I've given you a few reasons why people love living in Cheyenne, let me also give you a couple of cons. 

The Weather

First, it gets really windy up here, especially in the wintertime. The coldest I can remember it being was 25 degrees below zero with a wind chill. It felt like my nose hairs were freezing to my face. However, the temperatures aren't too bad when the wind dies down.

I lived in Denver for quite a long time, and although Cheyenne is a little bit cooler in the wintertime, you can expect plenty of sunshiny days that are still in the 50s or 60s. A lot of people think that, because it's one of the northern states, they're going to be living up in the frozen tundra in Wyoming. Honestly, it's just not that cold up there; it's mostly the wind. 

Location And Traffic

Another con about Cheyenne is also its downside: it's not a big city. Some of the residents feel like it's lacking amenities—and they might have to drive somewhere else to get those amenities. While this might not be my main complaint, I know my wife enjoys shopping quite a bit. If you do too, know that you're not going to find those big-name shopping centers or department stores in Cheyenne.

If you want to find more shopping, you're going to have to drive a little bit south—maybe down to Fort Collins, Colorado, or all the way down to the Denver Metro area. That traffic can be a little bit brutal. One of the things about Cheyenne traffic is that, in and around town, the traffic isn't that bad because there's not a ton of population. But if you have to conduct business down in Denver or Fort Collins, you're going to get on that I-25 corridor and be stuck in traffic pretty consistently. That can be a difficult trip. 

One of the things you want to consider is where you’re going to be working. If you're going to be working in and around Cheyenne, the average commute time is about 14 minutes. But if you're going to have to commute for business or other reasons down into the city, I can tell you from experience that the I-25 has been under construction forever. This can make that trip pretty long. 

Is Cheyenne Right For You?

Now you know about a few pros and a few cons of living in Cheyenne. What I’ve found is that some people's pros are other people's cons. You might enjoy the small town living, or you might wish you had more amenities. You might like the moderate climate, but you might not like the wind so much. 

All in all, Cheyenne is a great friendly place to live in. The number one draw to the Cheyenne area is the slower pace of life, the low cost of living, and that small-town vibe. So if those things appeal to you and you're seriously considering moving here, I’d be happy to give you a referral to a great realtor. And if you're looking for a great lender, feel free to reach out so we can connect.

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